Young Adult Ministry

Ministering with a flexible and sensitive response to the fluid population that embodies a life full of transitions, Trinity East’s Young Adult Ministry, “Flavor 4Yo’ Soul” doesn’t fit a prescribed set of traditional criteria.


Young Adults

We are bringing flavor to a bland society.

Goal: To be the go between the elderly and the youth.

We are keeping what was taught to us and adding a little flavor to it.

Also the ministry will put themselves in position to serve our church, family, peers, and community.

We believe that the youth adults should get in position to make sure the church continues to grow physically and spiritually. In other words, responsibility.

Salt of The Earth is not just for the Trinity East United Methodist Church but it’s for all walks of life. We want to have an open door policy to let different people come and be a part of this group of leaders. We are here to cater to the spiritual and mental needs.

S.O.T.E. Team Members 

  • Ayanna Bertrand
  • Tara Mitchell
  • Natalie White

(we are looking for more to join us)


  • Every second Sunday and Fifth Sunday Young Adult Praise team leads worship at 10:30 a.m. worship service.