Mission & Outreach Ministry

Whatever you do for the least of them, You do for me also...

Love in Action...

Matthew 25:35-37 reminds us that Jesus told the righteous brothers, 'For l was hungry and you gave me something to eat, l was thirsty and you gave me something to drink, l was a stranger and you invited me in, l needed clothes and you clothed me, l was sick and you looked after me, l was in prison and you came to visit me.  The brothers asked when did they ever do these thing for the Lord and in verse 40 they were told that, "The King will reply. Truly tell you, whatever you did for one of the least of those brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me."

At Trinity East, the Mission & Outreach Ministry Team believes that whatever we do for those who are living with the challenge of providing for the basic needs for their family and themselves, we are fulfilling one of the major purposes of Christian living:

2nd Saturday Love In Action Outreach:

Each 2nd Saturday of the month is designated as our Community-wide Mission/Outreach Day.  In 2018, Trinity East will be celebrating 12 years of serving our neighbors thru::

  • The Trinity East Food Pantry.   We provide a variety of healthy food products to an average of 100 families, consisting of 1-7 family members, totaling an average of 75-325 (this includes those served on 3 & 4th Thursdays)
  • New and gently used seasonal clothing distribution for adults and children
  • The Third Ward Free Medical Clinic, is a collaboration of Trinity East and Windsor Village United Methodist Church that provides   teams of nurses who volunteer to provide triage medical care such as blood pressure screening, blood sugar check, diabetes education, wound care etc.  Periodically, medical doctors, dentists, podiatrists provide their services to the Clinic.

Designated highlighted 2nd Saturdays include:

  • Voter’s Registration
  • Free assistance with medical insurance needs.
  • Annual School Readiness Community Festival in which we celebrate and encourage children and youth who are returning to school thru fun, games, entertainment, food, fellowship and resources such as the distribution of free school supplies, immunizations, as well as resources for after school care.

3rd and 4th Thursday food pantry: 

In addition to our food pantry being open on 2nd Saturdays, Trinity East’s Food Pantry distributes food every 3rd and 4th Thursday night to help our community continue to have food through the month.

Thirsty Thursday Night Bible Study:

Recognizing that so many persons in our community struggle with traditional ‘church-going’, Trinity East began the Thursday night Bible Study  15 years ago.  Currently, Thirsty Thursday begins with feeding the body with a well-balanced hot meal and then feeding the soul with a well- balanced portion of the Good News of Christ Jesus.  The Thirsty Thursday Bible Study averages a blended participation of 35 community and Church members.

2nd Monday Night Worship:

We have partnered with 1000 Hills Ministry to minister to the needs of the homeless population.  1000 Hills Ministry, originally holding their Worship Services under Interstate 45 at the Pierce Street bridge in Houston, Tx,   was founded to minister to the homeless population of Houston.    The City passed an ordinance against gathering such as these which lead 1000 Hills Ministry into Third Ward eventually settling for the pass 7 years on a portion of Trinity East Church property.  Ministering seven days a week, they collaborate with various community organizations and churches who  provide a meal and Worship Service to this population each evening and on Sunday afternoons. 

Each 2nd Monday night of the month, Trinity East is the host Church   On that Monday, Trinity East’s Young Adult Praise Team ministers in music and after the message for the evening, Worship is opened for the invitation to Christ and intercessory prayer. As the Service continues, Trinity East’s Hospitality Ministry Team is busily preparing the hot meals which have been sponsored by various ministry teams and individual members of Trinity East and are brought to the Ministry site. Average Worship attendance at this service is 120.

For more information:

Geri Shelton @ 713.659.7765