Trinity East United Methodist Church History

Trinity East United Methodist Church is an offspring of Trinity United Methodist Church, the oldest Black Methodist Church in Houston, Texas, which was organized in 1841 for White members. Although this church had a membership of 86 -- 32 of the members were Black. So, in 1841, an African Mission was established. In 1865, the African Mission along with pioneer preacher, David Elias Dibble, organized Freedman Episcopal Methodist Church (which is currently, Trinity United Methodist Church).

In 1908, the Trinity members living in Houston’s Third Ward found it difficult to travel to downtown Houston. It was then that William Young, a dedicated member of member of the Church who was very interested in the Christian education of the children in the Third Ward, organized a Sunday School in the Third Ward. Within one year, the Sunday School experienced such a tremendous growth that it qualified to become a church. In 1909, Rev. Sidney Johnson was assigned to organize a new Methodist church. This church was to become Trinity East United Methodist (East because the Church was located east of its mother church). Trinity East was originally located on the corner of Dowling and McGowen. The building was completed destroyed by a hurricane in 1915 and rebuilt in the first of three stages at the present location on the corner of McGowen and St. Charles.

Today, the mission of Trinity East UMC is to make disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world with a vision of a church that is Exalting the Savior, Equipping the Saints, and Evangelizing our Community. Our ministries are currently focused on showing the love of Christ through our community outreach collaborations with SEARCH Homeless Services of Houston, Christian Alliance for Humanitarian Aid, Cenikor, Generation One, the Houston Food Bank, 1000 Hills Ministries, Windsor Village UMC Medical Team.

As a major stakeholder in Houston’s Third Ward, Trinity East works tirelessly in the area of community development with Third Ward Community Cloth Cooperative, and the Emancipation Economic Development Council to ensure that the integrity of the historical Third Ward is secured through its current restoration.



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